Water Meters

Water meter upgrade

Residential water meters in WA are currently being renewed by the water corporation at the rate of about 1000 a week. In order for them to read the water meter or be able to change your meter they will need free access to it.


Can your water meter see the light of day?

Are there any hidden obstacles?

Is there a dangerous dog or other safety factor that can affect the safety of the meter reader?

Did you know over ...

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Flexible hoses

Flexible braided hoses are a common plumbing fixture used to connect taps and appliances in homes and businesses. They have a short life span compared to copper pipe and need to be replaced as per manufacturers instructions.

Responsible for 20% of floods in homes!

Commonly referred to as “flexi hoses” they are versatile rubber hoses armoured in braided layers of stainless steel. First used about 15 years ago, they are now extremely widespread in contemporary residential construction and renovation. Predominantly because they can easily be ...

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As seen on Channel 7 Bursting flexible hoses.

Bursting flexible water hoses are becoming a problem.

It costs around $10, lurks beneath hundreds of household kitchen and bathroom sinks across Australia, and could cause thousands of dollars’ damage if it is not checked regularly.

Flexible braided hoses accounted for more than one in five water damage claims lodged by Australian households in 2016, according to new research released by general insurer IAG

What are “flexible water hoses”? they are a stainless steel fabricated ...

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Gas Heater Service

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas is offering a special on the servicing of gas heaters- $145 exc Gst 

(valid to 31.05.2017)

The days are beginning to get colder and the mornings and evenings chilly. Very soon you are going to need heating in your home but it’s probably been a while since you last used your gas heater!

We recommend servicing annually to prevent tragic fires and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause ...

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Blocked Drains


Blocked drains are a common problem none of us want to face, always occurring at the worst time possible. Hence they can be unpleasant and some situations become quite desperate. Blocked drains can range from overflowing gully’s, slow draining bathroom drains and kitchen sinks to gurgling and rising toilets,. In addition to rendering the drains useless, blocked drains can cause unpleasant smells, leaks and even flooding therefore they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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