Drain Cameras Inspections

As part of our specialised drain clearing equipment, Zambezi Plumbing and Gas have a Rigid drain Camera. During an investigation into  the cause or area in which a problem exists, images are provided by the drain camera. The advantage of having “eyes underground” is created by this technology. enabling us to view exactly was is happening. Customers can see the problem at any particular time, even though  lies meters below the surface.

Identifying the exact location as well as the nature of  the problem that exist means immediate action can be taken. Causes can range from root intrusion into the pipes, foreign object obstruction or defective pipe work. Zambezi Plumbing can clear blocked drains, repair cracked or broken pipes and even find flushed or dropped jewellery. Maps of premises drainage systems are beneficial and the drain camera has the ability to enable the creation of such maps. Copies of these maps can be supplied to our customers for future use.

Locating Obstructions

When the drain camera is inserted down the drain there is a electronically connected locator box on the surface.  The sensor enables us to identify the exact spot of the camera and obstruction underground. This accuracy at pin pointing problems prevents wasted time, allowing us to go directly to the cause with minimal surface disruption. Rectifying the issue without unnecessary excavation not only saves our time but your money as well.

Recording of these images allows you the opportunity of seeing an otherwise non view-able issue.  Sometimes seeing a problem makes it easier to resolve and understand. Following corrective action the drain camera also gives you the ability to see its been rectified satisfactorily.

Steve using a drain camera at a blocked drain.

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