Water Meters

Water meter upgrade

Residential water meters in WA are currently being renewed by the water corporation at the rate of about 1000 a week. In order for them to read the water meter or be able to change your meter they will need free access to it.


Can your water meter see the light of day?

Are there any hidden obstacles?

Is there a dangerous dog or other safety factor that can affect the safety of the meter reader?

Did you know over ...

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Why you should use a licensed plumber

How do I determine the plumber is licensed to carry out the plumbing work?

All licensed plumbing contractors, tradespersons and restricted plumbing permit holders are required to carry their identity card and must produce it on request. The identity card indicates what type of plumbing work the person is allowed to carry out.

Zambezi is licensed and you can search on the WA GOVERNMENT’S PLUMBING LICENSING BOARD search page to confirm.

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