Rain Water Tanks

All premises should be fitted with a rain water system

Rain Water Tanks

In Australia water is becoming a precious commodity. As our rainfall diminishes, we are all being encouraged to save as much water as possible. A great way to do this is to catch and store rainwater in rainwater tanks, which come in various shapes and sizes.

A water catchment system can be installed in homes or premises across Perth. When it rains the roof of the premises becomes the water catchment area. The gutters on the roof funnel the rainwater into the pipes, which connect the gutters to the water tanks. Water tanks can either be placed on the ground, below ground or even be elevated above the ground on a stand or platform. The above ground round polyethylene tanks are often the most cost effective option. Collected water can be used for a number of purposes like washing, toilet cisterns, cooking and gardening.


All premises should be fitted with a rain water system which can sustain there water supply. Before deciding on which one best suits you needs consider the following:

  • Where the tank will be installed and the volume size that will fit the space available.
  • The type and amount of catchment area on the roof of the premises
  • Specific type of water tank that is best for you (steel, poly or concrete; above or below ground etc.
  • Long term costs required for overall maintenance of the tank


Using rainwater can reduce water bills, provide an alternative supply during water restrictions and help maintain a green, healthy garden. Depending on tank size and climate, mains water use can be reduced by up to 100%. This in turn can help:

  • reduce the need for new dams or desalination plants
  • protect remaining environmental flows in rivers
  • reduce infrastructure operating costs.

Rainwater harvesting also decreases stormwater runoff, thereby helping to reduce local flooding and scouring of creeks.

In rural areas it may be possible to drink rainwater, but you will need to install a filtration system to do so. People living in suburbia and have access to mains water should not drink the water collected via tanks

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas was Awarded “The Environment Plumbing Business in WA for 2009″. Recognition for the importance we place on the catching and storing water in rainwater tanks. We offer advice on ways to save water and to use it efficiently and offer advice on selection,installation and maintenance of all rainwater tanks.

There is a wide range of different rainwater tanks, from slim line rainwater tanks that fit down the side of a building to underground tanks. The capacity that each rainwater tanks hold varies with the size and shape. We are happy to visit and advise you on the rainwater tank that best suits your property.

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