Water Meters

Water meter upgrade

Residential water meters in WA are currently being renewed by the water corporation at the rate of about 1000 a week. In order for them to read the water meter or be able to change your meter they will need free access to it.


Can your water meter see the light of day?

Are there any hidden obstacles?

Is there a dangerous dog or other safety factor that can affect the safety of the meter reader?

Did you know over two million water meter readings are taken each year?

The water corporation undertakes water meter readings at your property  every second month. There are many obstacles they are confronted with including overgrown bushes, locked gates and piles of soil.  Apparently there has even been a case of a nest of bees taking up residence around a water meter. Please help make the process easier by following some simple rules:

  • Meters should be positioned 10-15 cm above ground level,
  • they should have  a clear space of at least 30 cm around each side
  • they should be kept clear 120 cms above.

By reading meters every two months it enables you to track your water use and identify leaks earlier so can save you money.

Location of water meters

Water meters are generally located along the front boundary of a property.