Zip HydroTap

Your dream tap is here.

Would you like your water hot, warm, fizzy, or cold? Too easy. Just press a button, and voila!

The Zip HydroTap is the tap you have been dreaming of. With filtered, boiling, chilled and sparkling water dispensed instantly, Zip HydroTap offers the widest choice of water options at your fingertips.

Whether you are filing a plunger of coffee, a glass of cool, crisp drinking water or craving sparkling water with lime on a hot summer day, you can now just press one button, and it comes out of the tap just how you like it.

Complement your beautiful kitchen with the ultimate luxury tap! This brushed gold HydroTap powered by new G5 technology is leading the way in performance, functionality and sleek design. Zip G5 Technology delivers convenience and instant filtered water to your preferred temperature at the touch of a button.

The Celsius Arc Design Range HydroTap even comes with a matching mixer. Find out more about the ultimate smart tap.

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