Backflow prevention and testing

Backflow Prevention and Testing

Firstly what is a Backflow Device?

A backflow device is a valve that prevents contaminated water flowing backwards into our drinking water system. It prevents the water changing direction when the mains water delivery pressure is lower than than the internal plumbing system.(back siphonage)  Back siphonage occurs where there is a burst pipe, a ruptured water main, or excessive demand on the water supply.

So to prevent back siphoning of contaminated water into our drinking water supply we install backflow devices. Simplified the valve only allows the water to flow in one direction. If the water tries to go backwards the valve shuts off stopping it and preventing contamination.

Did you know:

  •  It is a legal requirement that all backflow devices should be tested annually by a licenced plumber?
  •  You must have a compliant backflow device for you to be connected to the water supply?


There are many different possible contaminates such as chemicals, acids and fertilisers. Contaminates like these can cause significant health problems or even death. As a result there are obligations under legislation to install a backflow prevention device:WA has Legislated to prevent this happening by the installation of backflow prevention devices.

  • Water Services Act 2012
  • Water Services Regulations 2013.

These regulations also carry penalties of up to $5,000 and $500 per day if for non-compliance.

Commissioning and Testing

Backflow devices are registered with water corp and commissioning and testing must only be carried by a licenced plumber. The devices require annual testing by a specialised plumber and undergoes specific tests to determine its compliance. Once tested a report must be completed and submitted it to the water corporation within 5 days.

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas are committed to ensuring that we all have safe drinking water. We undertake both commissioning and testing of units and have all the required licences and equipment. We also undertake testing on all other types of valves so please call us to discuss your needs.


We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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How Can You Prevent Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains are a common problem none of us want to face, always occurring at the worst time possible. Blocked drains can very quickly become quite unpleasant. Blocked drains can range from overflowing gully’s, slow draining bathroom drains and kitchen sinks to gurgling and rising toilets. In addition to rendering the drains useless, blocked drains can cause unpleasant smells, leaks and even flooding. Therefore they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.


  • Don’t pour grease and fat down the drain-  This is the primary causes of blocked drains in kitchen sinks. To prevent this happening try emptying grease or fat into a disposable container and disposing of it in the rubbish.
  • Toilets are not  rubbish bins- Bodily waste and toilet paper are the only things that should be flushed down the toilet. Not feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, paper towels, baby or cleaning wipes, these products should all be placed  in the rubbish bin.
  • Drain strainers- These trap hair, food and other debris,  preventing them entering into the drains.
  • Tree Roots- That’s nature for you! Regularly clearing drains using a drain machine, clears out the roots that have penetrated drain pipes, saving you those inconvenient blocked drains. (We recommend every 6-12 months)


We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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Burst Pipes and Leak Detection

Has there been a large increase in your bill for water usage? Do you think it is excessive or does it seem expensive?

Every day we come across this common problem, usually because a pipe has split or burst which causes the loss of a large quantity of water. In this drying climate any water loss is significant and Zambezi Plumbing always act quickly and efficiently to protect this precious resource.

Ways to Identify a burst or leaking pipe

Look for the following:

  • Your water bill has increased dramatically.
  • Water pooling outside that does not appear to drain away
  • Wall feeling damp or paint bubbling or mould patches
  • Mouldy smell or damp smell in a particular area of the premises

If you have a burst pipe, need leak detection or have any of these call the team at Zambezi Plumbing. We have all access to the latest advanced digital leak detection equipment which locates the tiniest pin hole leaks quickly. Leak detection identifies the exact location of the leak to enable a quick repair. We have all the resources required to safely repair leaking sections on the spot or if necessary the entire line. If the line needs to be replaced, we will explain and show you why we recommend the course of action to be taken. Pipes undergo Corrosion,  a reaction with the copper pipe and chemicals in the soil causing pin holes or cracks. There are many forms of corrosion, but pitting corrosion is most likely to culminate in pinhole leaks in copper plumbing.

Our aim is to attend site to ascertain the location of the burst pipe or leak and fix it straight away, so we prevent any further water loss. Once the leak has been stopped and repaired our technicians will assist in completing a leak allowance form. This form is to make a claim to the Water Corporation for a rebate on the excessive water use that has occurred.

Here is the link directly to the leak form which also has all the important information about making a claim.


We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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Drain Camera Inspections

As part of our specialised drain clearing equipment, Zambezi Plumbing and Gas have a Rigid drain Camera. During an investigation into the cause or area in which a problem exists, images are provided by the drain camera. The advantage of having “eyes underground” is created by this technology. enabling us to view exactly was is happening. Customers can see the problem at any particular time, even though lies meters below the surface.

Identifying the exact location as well as the nature of the problem that exist means immediate action can be taken. Causes can range from root intrusion into the pipes, foreign object obstruction or defective pipe work. Zambezi Plumbing can clear blocked drains, repair cracked or broken pipes and even find flushed or dropped jewellery. Maps of premises drainage systems are beneficial and the drain camera has the ability to enable the creation of such maps. Copies of these maps can be supplied to our customers for future use.

Locating Obstructions

When the drain camera is inserted down the drain there is a electronically connected locator box on the surface.  The sensor enables us to identify the exact spot of the camera and obstruction underground. This accuracy at pin pointing problems prevents wasted time, allowing us to go directly to the cause with minimal surface disruption. Rectifying the issue without unnecessary excavation not only saves our time but your money as well.

Recording of these images allows you the opportunity of seeing an otherwise non view-able issue.  Sometimes seeing a problem makes it easier to resolve and understand. Following corrective action the drain camera also gives you the ability to see its been rectified satisfactorily.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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Cisterns, Tap and Toilet Installation

With over 100 years of plumbing experience our certified tradesmen are experts in this field. They are able to repair, install and service most make of cisterns, taps and toilets on first attendance. Our vans are well stocked carrying most spares so that we can turn up and solve the problem quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Leaking cisterns, taps and toilets will be costing you money as well as our precious water supply. Did you know a leaking tap can waste around 10000 litres per year? Yes it’s true. So several leaking cisterns,taps and toilets could be draining your budget without you realising it. One way to test for a leaking toilet is to put a few drops of food colouring into the cistern. Wait for about 30 minutes and if the water in the bowl is coloured the cistern is passing water without being flushed.

Installing a new new dual flush toilet cistern can save 80 litres a day

Compared to old style toilets but you must replace both cistern and pan. Toilets use around 9% of total household water use so think about how much water a house with 2 or 3 toilets can save fitting dual flush!

New taps and showers are more water efficient as they are fitted with restrictors which limit the amount of water flowing. “Its that easy just call Zambezi” 08 9361 7665 and we can change them for you. You will not only reduce your water bill but help the environment at the same time.

There are many water saving cisterns, taps and toilets on the market and we are happy to advise and recommend suitable replacements. When determining the best replacement for individual customers, photos of existing products help. We can then recommend a similar type that will not require alteration of pipework and fittings. (Providing the existing product is still obtainable).

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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Gas Services

When it comes to energy sources, Gas has proven itself as a safer, versatile and more reliable option available. Gas is much more economical to operate compared to other energy sources, whether it’s a hot water system, heater or cooking appliance. So whether you require gas leaks detection, servicing, replacement or repairs – Zambezi Plumbing is here to help. Providing fast, efficient and cost effective gas services all over the Perth area.

Our Gas Services Include

  • Gas leaks tracing and repair
  • Gas bayonets and running gas lines to premises
  • Gas ovens and Stoves
  • Gas heaters

Gas leaks tracing and repair

Smelling gas inside or outside your property means you probably have a  gas leak, which requires urgent attention. Detection of gas leaks is a specialised field and can be dangerous. Zambezi Plumbing & Gas are experts at gas leak detection and repairs. All gas leaks are classed as an emergency and are treated with priority.

Gas Bayonets and running gas lines to premises

Are you currently using LPG but want to change and make life easier so you don’t run out when you need it most?

“It’s that easy just call Zambezi”

From liaising with the appropriate suppliers, having the meter fitted and running a gas line and bayonets to the property, Zambezi Plumbing do it all. We are experts at gas services, repairs and installations inside and outside your home. This includes out door patios, entertainment areas and ancillary buildings.

Our technicians provide professional gas services including installation and repair for all makes of gas cookers and cook tops. Including sourcing, delivering and installing the appliance that best suits your needs and budget.

Gas ovens and Stoves

Many believe that cooking with gas is the best method of cooking! Heating up immediately with the ability to easily control the temperature. Natural Gas is also cheaper, more efficient and a safer way to cook. The aim is to provide a professional gas cooker/stove repair and installation service, with value for money while reducing your energy bills. Priding ourselves on performing any repairs as soon as practicable, efficiently and knowledgeably. Financial pressures on families can be reduced by honest advice if replacement will be cheaper than repair costs.

Gas heaters

Having installed gas heaters in over 500 schools we believe we have the required experience for installing any gas heater. You choose the make or type and we will install it for you, improving the ambience in your home.There are two main types of gas room heater to choose from: flued and un-flued:

  1. Flued heaters are installed in one place, and have a vent for safe removal of excess gas.
  2. Un-flued heaters or portable heaters which plug-in are easy to move around but generally not as safe.They require that the room being heated have both high and low ventilation for adequate oxygen circulation and gas ventilation.

Regular gas servicing  and maintenance ensures your appliances provide you with many years of safe operation. Incorrectly operating gas heaters can release carbon monoxide into the room and can be very dangerous. Symptoms such as dizziness, tiredness, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath can be caused by a faulty appliance. So turn the appliance off and go outside into fresh air, do not use the appliance again until it has been checked by a licensed gas fitter.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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The Zambezi Plumbing and Gas team are fully licensed gas fitters. We have specialist equipment to find and repair any gas leak you may have.

Professional Gas Leak Detection in Perth

Unfortunately damaged gas pipes or gas appliances can cause gas leaks which can have very serious harmful consequences. Zambezi Plumbing prioritise and expeditiously carry out repairs and gas leak detection. To keep you everyone safe its very important to ensure your gas supply and appliances are keep serviced and working efficiently. We do not want any incidents with fatal consequences like those reported in the media over the past few years.


  • Turn the gas supply off.
  • Extinguish any naked flames.
  • Do not turn on light switches or anything electrical.
  • Open doors and windows.
  • Leave the area immediately.

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas have the knowledge and high-tech gas leak detection equipment to repair any gas leak. We are professional, prompt and efficient ensuring your job is done safely, in accordance with Australian standards and regulations.


Did you know if you have a gas leak you may  suffer from the following symptoms:

  •  Dizziness.
  •  Fatigue.
  •  Nausea.
  •  Headache.
  •  Irregular breathing.

So If you suffer from any of these symptoms you may have a gas leak which require urgent attention. Detecting of gas leaks is specialised field and can be dangerous. As members of the Master Plumbers and Gas fitters Association be assured our technicians are all licenced and experienced.The following facilities have had our technicians have carried out gas leak detection:

  • Residential homes.
  • Aged care facilities.
  • Schools both private and public.
  • Police premises.
  • Industrial premises.

Wherever you are, whatever your requirements Zambezi Plumbing are experts at Gas leak detection and repairs, we treat all gas leaks with priority.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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No Hot Water? Need a Hot Water System?

Zambezi Plumbing undertake work on all models of Hot Water systems including:-Rheem, Rinnai, Dux, Solar Hart, Edwards, Bosch. Whether you need a service, a repair or a replacement we are here to help, our vans are equipped with a comprehensive range of spare parts so we can get you going with hot water as soon as possible. If you need a replacement………..


The first thing you need to consider is whether you want the heat for your hot water system to be generated by gas, electric, heat pump or solar.

  • Electric

    • Electrically heated storage tank systems are usually relatively cheap to buy and install, but the most expensive to run.
    • Systems that run on off-peak electricity are much cheaper to run. They need a larger tank as the water heated overnight has to last you all day.
    • A four-person household typically needs a 125–160L tank for a continuous system or 250–315L for off-peak.
    • They bot water system can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Gas

    • Natural gas is a good option if you have the connection for it. It’s cheaper than electricity and  the hot water systems heat water on demand.
    • A four-person household needs a tank of about 135–170L and here is also have the option of an instantaneous system.
    • These hot water systems are usually installed outdoors due to venting requirements.
    • They have an energy efficiency star rating.
    • Some systems have a pilot light, which uses a small amount of gas. Electric ignition are more economical, but in a blackout you can lose your hot water supply.
    • If you do not have mains natural gas, Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bottles are an alternative. But expect to pay significantly more in running costs.

  • Solar

    • Consists of solar collector panels and a storage tank. A four-person household typically needs about four square metres of solar collector area (two panels) and a 300–360L tank. You need a large tank to allow for days with less sunlight (or more hot showers than usual).
    • The storage tank usually has an electric or gas booster element to keep the water hot on days with less sunshine.
    • Comparatively expensive and time-consuming to install, but will probably pay for itself in the long run due to very low running costs.

  • Heat pump

    • A much more efficient form of an electric storage tank system that works on the same principle as a fridge or air conditioner, by extracting heat from the air and using it to heat the water tank.
    • Systems are usually integrated (tank and compressor together) but can also be split (separate tank and compressor).
    • They need to be installed in a well-ventilated area preferably outdoors.
    • The compressor on the unit can be noisy, like the outdoor unit of an air conditioner. Therefore you can’t install them too close to a neighbouring home.
    • They tend to work best in warm and temperate regions, most systems have a booster element for days of cold weather or high demand.
    • You’ll typically need a 270–315L tank for a four-person household.The next decision after the heating method, is whether you go for a system with a tank, or one that heats water as needed?

  • Storage tank

    • Most electric, gas, solar and heat pump hot water systems use a tank.
    • Mild-steel tanks can corrode over time; maintenance every few years can help prevent this. They usually have five- to 10-year warranties.
    • Stainless steel tanks are more expensive, but generally last longer and don’t require as much maintenance as mild-steel tanks. They usually carry a 10-year warranty, but still require occasional maintenance (such as replacement of valves and seals).
    • Tanks are insulated, but there is always some heat loss over time, so it’s good to install them in a sunny spot or in an insulated space.

  • Continuous flow

    • Also often referred to as “instantaneous”, a continuous flow HWS heats only as much water as you need, when you need it. It can take a few seconds before hot water starts flowing from the tap, especially when there’s a fair distance of pipe between the HWS and the tap.
    • Most models use gas, but electric models are available.
    • As there are no heat losses as with water stored in a tank, they’re often cheaper to run than storage systems.
    • The size you need depends more on the number of hot water outlets the heater has to serve than on the number of people in the household. We can help to find the right capacity for your home.

Our qualified technicians may suggest replacing the hot water system rather than replacing parts. This would be because it is not cost effective to replace a part or if the hot water system is old and corroded. They will be able to advise you on the most suitable hot water unit dependant on your individual circumstances they are as conscious as you are about saving you money.

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We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now!

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Leak Detection

Water is a precious resource and water leaks can be wasteful and very costly. We recommend that you regularly undertake leak detection around your premises, to save water and your hard earned cash.


1: Turn off all appliances using water in your home and ensure all taps both inside and outside are turned off.

2: On your water meter record the red and the black, (black numbers from left to right). Basically the black numbers represent kilolitres (1,000 litres) and the red numbers represent litres.

3: Hopefully the dial will not move but wait for 15 minutes and then record the numbers again.

4: If the red numbers have changed, this indicates there is a leak at the property and it will need to be further investigated.

Places to check:

  • Kitchen connections to sinks (underneath as well) dishwashers and fridges.
  • Bathroom connections including sinks, baths. toilets and showers  for dripping taps or leaking shower heads.
  • Laundry looking at washing machine connections as well as taps, toilets and showers.
  • Its also good to check around the wall of your premises for damp patches as these could indicate a leak.
  • Outdoor garden taps and hoses.
  • Reticulation, look at the sprinkler heads and if you observe any extra green patches or loose paving stones, think leak detection.
  • Automatic solenoids and manual isolation valves
  • Any exposed pipe work.

Did you know you can check your toilet cistern for leaks by putting food colouring in the tank. Without flushing it, look for colouring seeping into the toilet bowl. If the colour gets through then you have a leak, call us to fix it.

Also do not forget to have a look at your hot water unit, check its condition and check for water leaks. Getting it serviced regularly will ensure optimum efficiency and longevity.

Burst pipes and water leaks can be temporarily stopped by turning the water at the water meter. There is a water meter located at the boundary of your property but this is only a short term solution. Zambezi Plumbing can attend promptly to carry out leak detection and pin pointing the route cause. Once located we carry out the required repairs and maintenance to stop the leak.

The Water Corporation only supply water to the property boundary up to the water meter, property owners are responsible for the rest including:

  • the cost of any water use registered on the water meter
  • all water used or lost through the internal water service
  • ensuring the internal water service is in good condition.

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Pressure Drain Jetter

Blocked drains are everyone’s nightmare. There are different ways to clear blocked drains, one way is to use water a very powerful cleaning tool. By using high pressure water like a pressure drain jetter we are able to clean debris off the sides of pipes. Furthermore it enables the pressure to flush debris clinging to the side of the pipe downstream. To clear obstructions in residential, commercial drain pipes and larger municipal sewer systems Zambezi Plumbing utilise a pressure drain jetter.


A pressure drain jetter is a long, flexible, high-pressure hose with a jet nozzle on one end. The nozzle typically has a front-firing jet to break apart clogs, and back-firing jets that propel the jetter hose forward into dirty drains and scrub the sides of the pipes. The other end of the pressure drain jetter has a coupling that attaches to the spray wand or trigger gun attached to the water supply.

Whatever the cause of your blocked drains, let the pressure drain jetter solve your problems.

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