Removal of Redundant Plumbing Services

Do you need to remove old plumbing services from your property? Our specialist renovation plumbers can make your property safe and remove any health risks from stagnant pipes.


Removal of unused plumbing pipes otherwise known as “dead legs” on water supplies is recommended. Capping it off will simply lead to stagnant water collecting inside the pipe.

Dead legs may sound like something you get after sitting for too long, but when they are found in many water systems and can present a significant risk to people as they encourage the stagnation of water and the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria such as legionella.

The term dead leg, or dead end is typically used to describe a run of pipework that is no longer in use or a pipe that has become isolated from the regular flow of water or a run of pipework that is only used very occasionally. As a rule of thumb, and according to guidelines, the maximum size of a dead pipe or dead leg should be no longer than 1.5 x its width.

The lack of use in the pipe can lead to water stagnation and increase the risk that the water inside the pipe becomes contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria, including legionella.

If you know a length of pipework forming part of your hot or cold-water distribution system is never used or has become isolated then steps should be taken to remove it entirely, rather than simply capping it off.

What if the water pipe is used only occasionally and cannot therefore be removed?

While this situation is not ideal, if it cannot be avoided you should consider how you can make the dead leg less dangerous if it is critical that it is retained within the water system.

The most obvious way to do this is to flush the pipes through periodically.

This makes it harder for any bacteria to remain, and ensures the system is safer than it would otherwise be.

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