Water Hammer

Water hammer is a knocking noise in a water pipe

Water Hammer

Water hammer is a knocking noise in a water pipe that occurs when a tap is turned off briskly . This is caused by the fast-moving water rushing through the pipe being brought to a quick halt which causes a sort of shock wave hence the hammering noise. Plumbing that’s properly installed has air chambers, or cushions, which compress when the shock wave hits. This softens the blow and preventing this hammering noise. The chambers can fail though, because water under pressure gradually absorbs the air and water hammer begins to occur.


  • poor pipe installation
  • ‘flick mixer’ taps
  • faulty tap washers
  • solenoid valves on appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines
  • high water pressure

How we fix Water Hammer

  • We ensure pipe work is securely fastened during construction, It can be very difficult to do this later on. Other options include the use of water hammer suppression devices.
  • Instead of ‘flick mixer’ taps that shut the water off suddenly, fitting‘soft close’ mixer taps with a built-in shock absorber system.
  • If water hammer occur in a particular area,it may help to replace plastic or ceramic tap washers with brass tap washers. Ceramic washers can break easily and water will have to shut off at the mains to change.
  • We can install water hammer arresters on washing machine taps. Often the solenoid valve in washing machines causes the pipes to rattle and clunk.
  • Reducing your water pressure can also reduce water hammer., so we can fit a ‘pressure limiting valve’.

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