Blocked Drains Perth

Blocked Toilets & Drain Unblocking In Perth

When it comes to plumbing, blocked drains, toilets and showers are one of the most common maintenance services we attend to. There is nothing worse than finding your bathroom, kitchen or drainage areas flooded. But don’t worry, we offer emergency drain unblocking services. Zambezi Plumbing & Gas has vast plumbing experience and we can easily fix your problems. Call us to unblock your Blocked Drains Perth.

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We Unblock Toilets in Perth

Blocked Drains and Blocked Toilet Perth Plumber

Blocked Toilets Perth

Our Plumbers in Perth will unblock your blocked toilet

When it comes to blocked toilets, it is a messy job. But don’t worry, we are up to the task. Our professional plumbers will easily identify and unblock the blockage. All of our plumbers are licensed and highly experienced. Most of the blockages we assist with are minor blockages being caused by items being flushed that shouldn’t be. Things like, sanitary pads, too much toilet paper, baby wipes and more. If the blockage is more severe, we have an abundance of tools and methods to unblock it in the least invasive manner. There is nothing worse than having your bathroom ripped apart, which most cheap or untrained plumbers will do. This is not the Zambezi way. We do everything we can to protect your toilets and the bathroom. Call us for your blocked toilet Perth.

Blocked Kitchen Drains

How to Prevent Blockages in the Kitchen

We use our kitchen sinks often, and the easiest thing to do is just wash all the leftover food and sauces off the dishes. But where do the crumbs, grease and other food particles go? Down the drain. So follow these tips to avoid blocking your kitchen drains.

  • Don’t pour grease and fat down the drain- This is the primary cause of drains blocking in kitchen sinks.
  • Empty grease or fat into a disposable container and disposing of it in the rubbish.
  • Don’t rinse large food items like crumbs or small pieces of food down the drain
  • Clean your exterior drain regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt, grease or food.
Blocked Showers Perth

Blocked Showers Perth

Our licensed plumbing team will unblock your showers in Perth

There is nothing worse than bathing in the shower due to a blocked shower drain. A buildup of hair is one of the most common causes of a backed-up drain. In some cases, you are able to unblock the drain on your own, but often the blockage is too far for DIY methods to resolve the issue. This is where our specialised tools and expertise will unblock your drains quickly and without damage. Call us today and remove the bath from your shower.

Drain Cleaning Perth

Hire a Drain jetter and drain jetting services for clean drains

Not only do we help with unblocking drains in Perth, we help with cleaning them too. We have a variety of methods to clear blockages and remove the horrible odors that come along with it. Some of our methods include high-pressure drain jetting.

You have a blockage, now what? We do everything we can to find the blockage in a non-invasive way. Tools and techniques like drain camera inspections help reduce the need to dig up any pipes.

Why is important to not damage your property? Well, it not only costs more for the time and effort needed to dig up the problem, but nobody wants their property destroyed. Should we need to conduct any excavations, we endeavor to cause as little damage as possible and also work hard to return the site back to the way it was.

Drain camera inspectionby Zambezi Plumbing


We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing requirements, especially blocked drains Perth. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now and we will send a qualified licensed plumber to you! Our team of qualified plumbers is ready to help you unlock your drains in Perth. Contact us today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.