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There isn’t any doubt that having a good toilet system is critical in modern life. Comfort and efficiency are imperative.

Toilets are like a centre piece of the bathroom, with water saving technology, soft closing lid, easy to clean design. With various configurations allows you to choose what is the best solution for your lifestyle and family. Weather your renovating or think its time to replace your outdated cistern to save money or water or to create a more room in your bathroom, Zambezi Plumbing can help.

Different type of toilet suites:

Wall Faced Toilet Suite

The wall faced or ‘back to wall toilet suite’ sits flush against the bathroom wall concealing all pipe work. These toilet suites are modern and discreet, easy to clean and complement a contemporary styled bathroom.

Close Coupled Toilet Suite

The close coupled toilet suite is popular in mid-range bathroom renovations. The cistern sits directly on top of the toilet pan, offering tidy lines and easy cleaning.

Link Toilet Suites

The link toilet suite features a separate pan and cistern linked by a pipe that can be exposed or concealed by a plastic “link piece”. Link toilet suites are functional allowing the distance between the pan and the cistern to be adjusted during installation – often used in replacement renovations.

Concealed Cistern

The wall-hung toilet pan is discreet and stylish. Mounted to a bracket in the wall, it takes up less space than a traditional unit and with an in-wall cistern, provides a clean, uncluttered appearance in your bathroom. The wall hung toilet pan saves space and is easier to clean.
The wall faced toilet pan sits flush against the bathroom wall. Sleek and unobtrusive the in-wall cistern and all the pipe work are concealed within the bathroom wall. These toilet pans are easy to clean and complement a contemporary styled bathroom.

The in-wall cistern is a tank that houses the water required to flush a toilet. It is concealed inside the bathroom wall, so you only see the flush buttons. Slim-line cisterns are exposed and installed using existing connections and drains, creating a harmonious interaction.

Concealed cisterns feature push plates that are integral to their functioning. Push plates help create stylish bathrooms and are available in a wide range of models catering to all preferences and requirements.


Taps themselves come in any number of styles, so choosing the right tap to suite your home can be tricky.  Your kitchen, laundry, bath, shower and basin taps will all have different requirements and choosing the set right set with a design you like can be confusing and difficult as you are spoilt for choice.

So do you choose traditional taps or a mixer tap?

Choosing a design – Try and choose bathroom taps that will mix well with the whole design of the bathroom. Looks do matter when re-doing your bathroom, however, remember it is equally as important to hold and feel the taps you are considering to be sure they feel comfortable and easy to use.

3 Piece or Mixer – With prices of both now similar, the choice is yours. Generally, 3-piece provides a more traditional look, while mixers are more contemporary. If you’re retrofitting an existing bathroom and updating only cosmetic details, you’ll need to stick with what you already have – unless you’re prepared to re-plumb the in-wall components and re-tile the area.

Functionality – Remember to consider what your taps will be used for and the type of basin or bath the water will flow into. Do you need a taller tap or a wall-mounted version to fit over an inset or above counter basin? Perhaps you need a longer spout to extend across to a freestanding bath?

Taps are bought separately from sinks. When you’re choosing taps, the first thing you need to do is find some that match your sink. Generic sinks and taps are normally perfectly compatible, but as you move up in price and design, you’ll find that compatibility changes. Ultimately, it comes down to you finding the right mix of design, functionality and durability

Installing a new new dual flush toilet cistern can save 80 litres a day

Compared to old style toilets but you must replace both cistern and pan. Toilets use around 9% of total household water use so think about how much water a house with 2 or 3 toilets can save fitting dual flush!

New taps and showers are more water efficient as they are fitted with restrictors which limit the amount of water flowing. “Its that easy just call Zambezi” 08 9361 7665 and we can change them for you. You will not only reduce your water bill but help the environment at the same time.

There are many water saving cisterns, taps and toilets on the market and we are happy to advise and recommend suitable replacements. When determining the best replacement for individual customers, photos of existing products help. We can then recommend a similar type that will not require alteration of pipework and fittings. (Providing the existing product is still obtainable).

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