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When it comes to energy sources, Gas has proven itself as a safer, versatile and more reliable option available. Gas is much more economical to operate compared to other energy sources, whether it’s a hot water system, heater or cooking appliance. So whether you require gas leak detection, servicing, replacement or repairs – Zambezi Plumbing is here to help. Providing fast, efficient and cost-effective gas services all over the Perth area, we are the gas plumbers you need on call. Call us to have our qualified gas fitter Perth to expertly install your gas system or use our emergency gas plumber Perth to fix any gas leaks you may have.

Emergency Gas Plumbers

Gas emergencies can not only be scary, but they can be dangerous. It is vital that any and all gas leaks are tended to as a matter of urgency. But don’t worry, when you need an emergency gas plumber in Perth, call Zambezi Plumbing and Gas. Our emergency gas plumbers will be on-site in no time to fix your gas leaks. Should you have a gas leak, turn off your gas using the emergency shutoff valve before doing anything else.

Our Gas Services Include

  • Gas leak detection, tracing and repairs
  • Gas bayonets and running gas lines to premises
  • Gas ovens and Stoves
  • Gas heaters
  • Gas Plumbers
Call Zambezi Plumbing and Gas fitting services

Gas leak tracing and repairs

Smelling gas inside or outside your property means you probably have a  gas leak, which requires urgent attention. Detection of gas leaks is a specialised field and can be dangerous. Zambezi Plumbing & Gas are experts at gas leak detection and repairs. All gas leaks are classed as an emergency and are treated with priority.

Gas Bayonets and running gas lines to premises

Are you currently using LPG but want to change and make life easier so you don’t run out when you need it most?

“It’s that easy, just call Zambezi”

From liaising with the appropriate suppliers, having the meter fitted and running a gas line and bayonets to the property, Zambezi Plumbing do it all. We are experts at gas services, repairs and installations inside and outside your home. This includes out door patios, entertainment areas and ancillary buildings.

Our technicians provide professional gas services including installation and repair for all makes of gas cookers and cook tops. Including sourcing, delivering and installing the appliance that best suits your needs and budget.

Gas ovens and Stoves

Many believe that cooking with gas is the best method of cooking! Heating up immediately with the ability to easily control the temperature. Natural Gas is also cheaper, more efficient and a safer way to cook. The aim is to provide a professional gas cooker/stove repair and installation service, with value for money while reducing your energy bills. Priding ourselves on performing any repairs as soon as practicable, efficiently and knowledgeably. Financial pressures on families can be reduced by honest advice if replacement will be cheaper than repair costs.

Gas Plumber Perth

Gas heater Service in Perth

Having installed gas heaters in over 500 schools we believe we have the required experience for installing any gas heater. You choose the make or type and we will install it for you, improving the ambiance in your home. There are two main types of gas heaters for your room to choose from: flued gas heaters and un-flued gas heaters:

  1. Flued heaters are installed in one place and have a vent for the safe removal of excess gas.
  2. Un-flued heaters or portable heaters that plug-in are easy to move around but generally not as safe. They require that the room being heated have both high and low ventilation for adequate oxygen circulation and gas ventilation.

Regular gas servicing and maintenance ensure your appliances provide you with many years of safe operation and Zambezi Plumbing and Gas has gas heater services to keep your heater maintained. Incorrectly operating gas heaters can release carbon monoxide into the room and can be very dangerous. Symptoms such as dizziness, tiredness, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath can be caused by a faulty appliance. So turn the appliance off and go outside into fresh air, do not use the appliance again until it has been checked by licensed gas fitters. Make use of our gas heater service to keep your gas heaters in safe, working order.

Gas Fitter Perth

When you need any gas services or gas installations done in Perth, call us. Our experienced and qualified gas fitter Perth will be there to help. We take pride in our work and ensure that you get the best installations possible done. So all us to book your gas fitting today.

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