Water Leak Detection Perth

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Precise Water Leak Detection Can Save You Money

When you have a leak or burst to your plumbing systems it can be costly. Here at Zambezi Plumbing and Gas we have the equipment and experience to conduct precise leak detection and handle all types of leaks or burst no matter the size or location.

Regular maintenance of your home can ensure any possible leaks are addressed quickly before they become major issues. If your home was constructed more than 10 years in a well-established suburb – this may make it more prone to such issues.

Here’s a simple check you can carry out yourself to find water leaks

  • Turn of all taps and all appliances that use water in your premises.
  • Locate your water meter and record the red numbers shown
  • Ensuring no water is used during a 15 minute test period the recheck the numbers on your water meter, if they have changed you may have a leak.

If there is an indication of a leak common areas to check are the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry with dripping taps, leaking washing machine or dishwasher connections and leaking toilets being the main culprits. If you place a couple of drops of food colouring in your toilet cistern you can easily check if you have a leak. Simply if the colouring gets into the bowl without flushing it’s leaking.

Remember to check outdoors like garden taps, hot water units, reticulation and exposed pipes, if there is an unexpectedly moist area or an area of greener grass more than anywhere else this may also be a sign of a leak.

Water Leak Detection Perth

Water Leak Repairs in Perth

In Western Australia (Perth), water leaks should only be repaired by a licensed plumber or tradesperson working under the direction of a licensed plumber. If you have a water leak you may be entitled to a reduction in your water bill but only once the leak has been repaired by a licensed plumber to industry standards and a water leak allowance form has been completed.

If you find you have a leak or burst you can turn the water off at the mains but this is only a short-term solution call a licensed plumber today.

Many things can cause water leaks, but copper pipes tend to cause even more issues because they can become brittle and weak over time. Often pipes are encased in the wall or underground if they burst they can cause extensive damage as well as being very costly and a waste of a precious resource. With leak detection, we can pinpoint the location of the leak and fix it causing as little disruption to your property as possible.

Whether you have leak emergency or suspect them in your home’s walls, floors, under foundations, in your garden or around your property boundaries – we can help. Our leak detection equipment will assist in locating the leak will to prevent costly water bills or damage to your home.

Avoid potential structural damage that can be caused in your home by hidden burst or leaking pipes. Leaking pipework can be hard to track. Where water appears may not be its source, as water moves about and exits where it gathers. With Zambezi’s timely response we can help provide cost-effective solutions to fix any burst or leaking pipes.

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