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We are armed with a team of professional, highly skilled and licensed plumbers available around the clock to tackle virtually any plumbing issue/complication that can arise.

You can also rest assured that all work is conducted by our master plumbers and done so in a timely, professional manner as well as completed to the highest standard. With a highly proficient and knowledgeable team and fully equipped vans at our disposal, we can confidently fix the majority of plumbing problems right there and then.

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Water wise plumbing image at Zambezi Plumbing

Water Wise Plumbing

Zambezi Plumbing is a water wise plumbing company and can advise on many different ways to save water ie.
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How to fix a water hammer by Zambezi Plumbing

Fix Water Hammer

Water hammer is a knocking noise in a water pipe that occurs when a tap is turned off briskly . This is caused by the fast-moving water rushing through the pipe being brought to a quick halt.
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Plumbing Perth renovation bathoom by Zambezi Plumbing

Renovation Plumbing Perth

Your home or business is your pride and joy, we at Zambezi Plumbing are committed to keeping it that way and offer you a service that you wont forget. Our very experienced team are available whether you are renovating your:
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Zambezi Drain Jetter Services and Cleaning

Pressure Drain Jetting Services and Drain Jetter Cleaning Specialists

Blocked drains are everyone’s nightmare. There are different ways to clear blocked drains, one way is to use water a very powerful water jetting cleaning tool.
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Water leak Detection Perth by Zambezi plumbers Perth

Water Leak Detection Perth

Water is a precious resource and water leaks can be wasteful and very costly. We recommend that you regularly undertake leak detection around your premises, to save water and your hard earned cash.
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hot water system installation and repairs by Zambezi plumber Perth

Hot Water Systems Perth

Whether you need a service, a repair or a replacement we are here to help, our vans are equipped with a comprehensive range of spare parts so we can get you going with hot water as soon as possible. If you need a replacement.
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For gas leak detection call Zambezi Plumbing and Gas Perth

Gas Leak Detection Perth

Unfortunately damaged gas pipes or gas appliances can cause gas leaks which can have very serious harmful consequences. Zambezi Plumbing prioritise and expeditiously carry out repairs and gas leak detection.
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Call Zambezi Plumbing and Gas Perth gas services

Gas Fitter, Gas Fitting and Gas Repairs Perth

When it comes to energy sources Gas has proved itself as a safer, versatile and more reliable option available. Being economical to operate compared to other energy sources, whether it’s a hot water system, heater or cooking appliance.
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Cisterns Taps and Toilets installations and maintenance

Replacement Toilet Cisterns, Taps and Toilets

Leaking cisterns, taps and toilets will be costing you money as well as our precious water supply. Did you know a leaking tap can waste around 10000 litres per year? Yes it’s true.
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