Flexible Hoses

Flexible hoses for house plumbing

Recent data released by insurance companies, shows flexible braided hoses that have leaked, or split are the number one cause of internal flooding in Australian homes and account for about 22% of water damage claims in Australian households. There are fears that eventually insurance companies will begin disallowing claims if customers cannot prove installation by a licensed plumber as well as regular maintenance.

Flexible hoses have a lifespan of between five and ten years and should be checked by a licensed plumber every two years, they can be found in connections from the wall outlet to sinks, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, taps connected to home mains, plumbed fridges and more. If they are not maintained and inspected every 2 years they are like a ticking time bomb’ as if they burst not only do they have the potential to flood your home, they can cause tens of thousands of dollars in water damage, leave a home unliveable, and destroy sentimental items in a matter of hours. A burst flexi hose can release the equivalent of a suburban swimming pool through your home in just 24 hours if not stopped.

Incorrect installation or damage through lack of maintenance such as rusting, fraying and kinking can also cause them to degrade faster than anticipated.

Its important to note:

  1. Never install a flexible braided hose yourself. A professional plumber should always do this specialised work, doing it yourself may affect you being paid out by your insurer.
  2. Don’t store harsh chemicals near your flexible braided hose as this could cause the item to fail faster than expected.

Why are they used.

Flexible hoses are very versatile and significantly reduce the time it takes to connect hot and cold water pipework to appliances, such as taps, dishwashers and water heaters. They also overcome alignment problems and significantly reduce labour costs and noise in pipe work, as well as eliminate brazing, welding, cutting, re-shaping and waste.

Over time, the popularity of these connectors has led to them being included with the supply of many tapware ranges, whether mixer or hob mounted, and other fixtures. There are now approximately seven million flexible connectors sold annually in Australia and some of these are low-cost products.