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January 31, 2018

Why you should use a licensed plumber



Plumbing can be dangerous to your family and your property if not done correctly. Unlicensed plumbers may be operating without the proper training needed to adequately install, maintain, and repair your plumbing. Sometimes the most affordable, or cheap plumbers do not produce the quality needed to ensure that your plumbing runs safely and efficiently.

Licensed plumbers have been expertly trained and are able to provide plumbing services without the added drama or costs of dysfunctional plumbing. All Zambezi Plumbing and Gas Perth Plumbers are licensed plumbers and work to the highest standards.

How do I determine the plumber is licensed to carry out the plumbing work?

All licensed plumbing contractors, tradespersons and restricted plumbing permit holders are required to carry their identity card and must produce it on request. The identity card indicates what type of plumbing work the person is allowed to carry out.

Zambezi is licensed and you can search on the WA GOVERNMENT’S PLUMBING LICENSING BOARD search page to confirm.

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