What Is Plumbing?

Exterior water tap plumbing

What is plumbing? Plumbing refers to any underground system which carries liquids for various uses to different locations. This system includes all man-made materials which are used in the plumbing industry. Plumbing includes large pipes, pipelines, valves, fixtures, and many other apparatuses used to carry liquid fluids to another place.

In the United States, plumbing is used to carry water from a well or lake to the house. It is also used throughout the house to carry sewage waste. All these plumbing systems are fitted with elaborate pumps and drainage systems. They are also fitted with pumps which can move water from the house to the fields, pastures, and lakes. The plumbing is also used to carry raw sewage from a kitchen, toilet, or farmhouse. It is also used in residential homes to carry water for cleaning purposes.

The plumbing is made of different materials including copper, terrazzo, cast iron, limestone, clay, and stone. Different types of pipes are used in different plumbing systems. The piping material is also chosen by the homeowner depending upon the locality and budget. The homeowner can choose between flexible pipes and rigid pipes. The most commonly used type of pipe is PVCu, which is also known as polyvinyl chloride or simply PVC.