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July 19, 2022

Emergency Breakdown Repairs for Perth's Communities

Town of Cambridge

Protecting Perth's Community Building & Infrastructure Assets

The Zambezi Plumbing and Gas team work on a variety of contracts delivering plumbing services and emergency breakdown repairs and routine asset maintenance for local government councils across the Perth metropolitan area. Local councils have numerous buildings, parks and reserves, recreational facilities, libraries, community centres, halls and sporting facilities which need maintenance and care.

Often people don't realise the planning and work that go into keeping facilities running, and we are proud to be part of an extended team entrusted to look after community assets so the general public can enjoy the facilities and spend valuable time in nature with their families.

Our team deliver all aspects of plumbing and has from blocked drains, backflow testing, installation and servicing of hot water units, gas appliances and sanitary fixtures. 

We Embrace Water Wise Plumbing 

Part of the work we deliver is also proactive, as we always look at ways to identify cost savings and protect natural resources. A recent project we worked on was to proactively identify any damaged plumbing pipes which were not visible at ground level. We sourced, purchased and installed water loggers at several locations.

The result was substantially reduced water costs and the opportunity to protect Perth's precious water resources.  We installed water logger readings, which are now analysed daily, and any excess water loss is now immediately identified, located and repaired quickly.

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