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July 19, 2022

Routine Maintenance at Perth's Train and Bus Station Facilities

Rail Station Works

Routine maintenance for plumbing and gas infrastructure is critical to keep public facilities operational. Behind the scenes of everyday life as thousands of people commute across the city and we are proud to support a smooth process through the delivery of all breakdown repairs and routine maintenance for both emergency and on railway reserves, platforms, train lines and buildings. 

Saving Perth's Water Resources

At the top of our priority list is to do as much as we can proactively to work with our clients to protect precious water resources and eliminate wastage.  Vandalism to taps was a constant problem and unsought cost from regular callouts to fix.  We solved the issue by sourcing, purchasing and installing vandal-proof taps to reduce callouts.

Subsurface leaks are also another common problem that can go undetected. So, we sourced, purchased and installed water loggers at many stations across the Perth metro area. These are monitored daily by our team at no cost to our Client. As soon as a leak is registered, we take proactive action to locate and repair the leak immediately. The benefit is reducing environmental issues such as extensive water loss, errosion underneath the railways and lowering the cost of excessive water usage at transport facilities.

Minimising Disruption

Working in electrified areas has its challenges, but we get around these with regular night work to minimise disruption to public services. Seven members of our team are accredited and inducted to work on Perth's railways, trained and fully conversant in the public transport network rules.


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